Friday, September 21, 2012

#Jazwares inc.: Rise of a Toy Powerhouse

by: Luis Amado (host of The Pow Wow Show)
     The toy world has a new giant on the rise, Jazwares Inc. The toy business has had only two major toy companies in recent years (Hasbro & Mattel) with a few others sticking around to challenge the big two (Bandai, Playmates, etc.).  For some time now it's been mainly Hasbro taking the lead thanks to their major licenses; Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Marvel. Lately I've noticed a change in the industry. There has been very low production of new toys from major toy lines starting with Star Wars. The big guys have decided to forget making new toys, instead they have chosen to over produce the same ones already in stock. As a collector of toys I have not seen any new Star Wars figures in over a year and when I do they are very limited. This trend in changing thanks to a small but rising giant in the toy industry. Jazwares inc. has been around since 1997. In that time they have slowly risen to become on of the most innovative and creative toy companies on the scene. Jazwares is bold and willing to take chances with new and old properties alike. They remind me of a small company that was doing the same in the 90's, Resaurus. Like Resaurus, Jazwares started with video game properties Mega Man, Sonic and Mortal Kombat. They then dabbled in movie properties,  A-Team for one. Finally, Jazwares decided to rise above all the competition with a bold new approach. Jazwares has cornered the market with untapped properties, focusing on cartoons. I have been collecting toys all my life and nobody does cartoon figures like Jazwares. Hanna Barbera, Cartoon Network and Nicktoons are the industry standard in animation and Jazwares is bringing these cartoons to life. I personally love cartoons and its a dream come true to be able to collect these figures. I talk a lot about toys on my radio show but lately it's all about Jazwares. The best thing about this rising star is that they're in my backyard. They are a Local business in Sunrise, Florida. With their refreshing top of the line toy and packaging designs, excellence in creativity and a bold attitude, Jazwares Inc. is on their way to becoming a Toy Giant.
Galaxy Kid Productions 2012

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